Hilton Passport Project

Hilton Hotels & Resorts Uncovers Passport Holders More Likely to Be Content with Their Lives

Hilton Passport Project Kicks Off, Highlights Benefits of Having a Passport and Encourages Travelers to Get Out and Experience the World

Approximately 41 percent of Americans have a valid U.S. passport and it turns out, that's a good thing. Hilton Hotels & Resorts, the flagship brand of Hilton, has uncovered that Americans with passports are more likely to be content with their lives than those who do not have passports. Based on this finding, Hilton Hotels & Resorts is setting out to put more passports in Americans' hands and help them to realize the power of travel with the launch of its Hilton Passport Project.

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Travel Trends:
The State of U.S. Passport Use

Hilton conducted a study of 1,000 travelers to better understand the mindset of Americans when it comes to international travel and putting their passports to use. Three key themes were revealed:

  • Turns out, having a passport is in fact good for you
  • Passports could be used more; and there are now more opportunities for people to do so
  • People are largely motivated to get out and unlock their world

Additionally, the findings allowed us to clearly categorize travelers into a series of "Passport Personalities" and to create an index of their behavior. Today's travelers seem to fall into three mindsets: Globetrotters, Future Explorers and "Maybe Later" International Travelers.

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